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Empowerment Seminars

Empowerment Seminars

Laura's dynamic seminars are customized to engage audiences and motivate change. Laura's interactive intensives are as inspiring as they are tactical. With her Midwestern sensibility and unparalleled energy, Laura commands results.


These customized seminars are built to empower women and provide concrete tools to evoke passionate change in their lives. Laura's create safety amongst women to get raw, get bonded, and get on with it! Laura frequently speaks on: Women's Issues, Relationships, Body Image

Programs include:

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It's easy to fit in. It's safe and where many of us want to stay. Laura drives her audience to think bigger, connect with childhood dreams, and focus on what is most unique and raw about each person in the room. This loud, interactive session is filled with team building exercises, music, and supportive story telling. Laura encourages every student to find their own Extraordinary by first recognizing and celebrating the Extraordinary of those around them.

Overcoming buy levitra Anything #SURVIVOR

Everyone has a story, everyone struggles, and everyone has the same chance of getting through it. Through enlightened stories and incited audience participation, Laura commands students flip the script on what's happened TO them to get them thinking what they can DO about it. With concrete tools, Laura implores students to go out, support each other, and get through it... together.

Establish Your Personal Brand #TRUTH

What secret do you carry around? What would people think buy clomid if they knew who you are or what you've actually gone through? EXPLOIT THAT. Create a truthful exterior that you can fulfill because of deep personal experiences. Laura drives students to get honest and share who they are behind the social scene and help them to milf porn define themselves as THAT. Laura shares personal stories and encourages the support of buy priligy students with tools that help every student to redefine what they portray and acknowledge who they really are.

Risk Big Win Big #RISKIT

You’re in college; a typically easy place to fall on your face. There is staff and friends to help pick up the pieces. But what if you were to take away that safety buy propecia net? Have you given yourself the opportunity to fall harder so you can learn to trust that you can pick yourself up? This session is a loud, interactive confessional filled with personal stories elicited by students and shared by Laura to illuminate how we can all be afraid to try. However, in this session Laura also engages students to celebrate even their most minor wins as preparation for their next fall.

Learn the Art of Yes #WINNING!

Immediate gratification, technology and BS that’s put out in media claim anything is attainable in a minute. Laura emphatically proves the best gets in life are those that are unexpected... if you know your place and just say yes. Yes buy clomid online to volunteering. Yes to mentoring. Yes to building community within school. Yes to family. Yes to everything that can provide grounding for future success. Laura makes the compelling case, yes is the only way to earn the right to attain the prize. Both on TV and in her mentoring practice, Laura has elevated young people’s position on YES and getting theirs!

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