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Empowerment Seminars

Empowerment Seminars

Laura's dynamic seminars are customized to engage audiences and motivate change. Laura's interactive intensives are as inspiring as they are tactical. With her Midwestern sensibility and unparalleled energy, Laura commands results.


Laura Baron infuses fresh life into corporate missions. Laura's impassioned delivery breaks the corporate mold and inspires audiences into action. Her customized seminars are built to empower the audience and corporation alike. Laura provides tools that facilitate accountability, community, and achievement.

Programs include:

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Own buy levitra the Room

Do people seek out your opinion or do you have to fight to get heard? Often in the corporate culture even key stakeholders voices get quieted. Office politics and political correctness quiets even the smartest and well-intended team members. Laura provides tools and concrete approaches to expanding your impact, making your position clear, and getting regarded as a thought leader while still playing within the politics of the office.

Drive Compassionate Communication

At the end of the day Corporations trade a good or service for cash. It's that simple. But in the process the human experience both inside the company and eventually to the outside consumer can get lost. This tactical buy clomid session, brings a new level of propecia online compassion to corporate communications both within and outside the corporate walls.

Build Life Into Your Worklife

There is no work life balance. Work and life are no longer separated. Technology established that a long time ago. So make new rules. In fact, the happier teams are able to combine their work and private lives. They are able to be more productive in each area. Laura provides tools to bring the love from your home life into a passionate work life. With simple tools and concrete boundaries this small transition in your everyday approach to work can make the difference between a job and a passionate career.

Relaunch Your Personal Brand

Do people respond to you like you want them to? When you walk into a room what message are you sending? From what you wear, how you talk, how you stand, and what you choose to priligy online communicate... Laura drills down the baseline of what you need to establish your personal brand and ignite. She employs solutions to nail your voice, get heard, and redefine who you are today. With practical tools and unrelenting passion, expect to come out of this session strutting (no theme song required).

Break Through Your Head

Self-defeating thoughts populate our minds. Whether steeped in old truths or new messed-up belief systems, they limit our potential and kill our POWER. Laura steps in to get audiences understanding which propecia online beliefs are truth, how to get rid of those that are limiting, and how to find comfort in the risk of taking the next steps. Tomorrow is only determined by the fears you clomid online believe today. Get ready to get launched in your scariest and yet most peaceful place... your own power.

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