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Empowerment Seminars

Seminars - Women's Groups

Laura's dynamic seminars are customized to engage audiences and motivate change. Laura's interactive intensives are as inspiring as they are tactical. With her Midwestern sensibility and unparalleled energy, Laura commands results.

Women's Groups

These customized seminars are built to empower women and provide concrete tools to evoke passionate change in their lives. Laura's create safety amongst women to get raw, get bonded, and get on with it! Laura frequently speaks on: Women's Issues, Relationships, Body Image

Programs include:

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Inspire buy priligy online Your Relationship

Every relationship suffers from the routine of daily blahs. No one is immune. Laura drives open conversation for women to not feel alone. She provides fresh perspective and tools to capture your passion and get your relationship back on a juicy and bonded track.

Relaunch Your Personal Brand

When you walk into a room what message are you sending? From what you wear, how you talk, how you stand, and what you choose to communicate, Laura drills down the baseline of what you need to establish your personal brand and ignite. She's got solutions for you to get unstuck, nail your voice, get heard, and redefine who you are today. With practical tools and unrelenting passion, expect to come out of this session strutting.

Colonic For Your Soul

Learn to let it go. Laura's emphatic session implores you to get rid of the toxins in your life. Whether it be relationships, beliefs, things, jobs, or feelings, Laura provides the proverbial trash can to dump them in. She empowers her audience to realize what doesn't serve them, permission to be self-protective, and the power to be strong enough to finally let go!

Break Through Your Head

Self-defeating thoughts populate our minds. Whether steeped in old truths or new messed-up belief systems, they limit our potential and kill our happy. Laura gets audiences understanding which beliefs are truth, how to get rid of those that are limiting, and how to find comfort in the scary risks of taking next steps. Get ready to get launched in clomid online your scariest and yet most peaceful next step... your happy place.

Relearn Your Flirt

Are you newly single or feeling stale in your relationship? Have you lost your flirt? Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or looking buy levitra for one, this is your class. Laura teaches flirt techniques propecia online with tools to get your sexy on and glide through your world full-on feminine.

Get the Boardroom Out of the Bedroom

You make the decisions, sit at the head of the table, and maybe even castrate a few with a simple glance. But at the end of the day, you want to release control and just finally receive. Learn how to. Through hard truths, Laura teaches how to lead with your ’feminine foot,’ feel like a woman, and embrace your softness without minimizing your strengths.

Mojo Reboot

Need a nap from your nap? Learn to lick your life again! Laura reenergizes women stuck in the exhaustion of their current feminine roles. Through dynamic exercises and enlivened stories, Laura focuses your boundaries, amplifies your needs, and takes you from exhausted to exuberant.

Dress Like You buy generic propecia online Mean It

Are you wearing your clothes or are they wearing you? Do you give other people the option to see you or do you hide? Laura teaches what to wear for your body type, personal style, and life strategy. Complete with sample accessories, shoes, and clothes Laura shows audiences how to 'throw together' pieces’ for a finished, milf porn unique look. Master your own stylistic brilliance.

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